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CEO Larry Fink: BlackRock gaat duurzamer beleggen

14 januari 2020|

BlackRock, de grootste vermogensbeheerder ter wereld, wil duurzamer beleggen, zegt ceo Larry Fink. Follow This is sceptisch.

‘Een enorme contradictie tussen woorden en daden’, zegt Mark van Baal, de activistische belegger die onder meer bij Shell duurzaamheidscampagnes voert. ‘Hij heeft gelijk, klimaat vormt een enorm risico voor alle beleggingen. Alleen Fink […]

Equinor Aims to Cut Emissions in Norway by 40% This Decade

10 januari 2020|

Norway’s Equinor plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions from its domestic operations by 40% this decade and to near zero by 2050, potentially allowing the country to keep pumping crude even as it works to meet international climate obligations.

Read the story in the New York Times

“An […]

Spaans oliebedrijf wil CO2-neutraal zijn in 2050

4 december 2019|

“Een historische beslissing”, noemt Mark van Baal van Follow This het. “Repsol doet waar wij Shell sinds 2015 om vragen. We verwachten dat klanten en aandeelhouders deze stap waarderen en andere oliebedrijven volgen.”

Lees het hele artikel op Duurzaam Bedrijfsleven

Repsol’s ‘Bold’ Move on Emissions Raises Bar for European Peers

4 december 2019|

Follow This on Bloomberg: “Repsol is now the first oil major to be part of the solution to the climate crisis, and truly leading in its sector,” Mark van Baal, the founder of Follow This, said in a statement. “We hope shareholders and customers will reward CEO Josu Jon Imaz […]

Follow This on CNN: Taking on fossil fuel companies from within

27 november 2019|

As an activist investor, Mark van Baal is recruiting thousands of shareholders to unite and force companies like Shell to take climate change more seriously.

Interview by Christiane Amanpour on CNN (12:50 minutes)

Symposium – How investors can support oil majors to stop climate change

30 oktober 2019|

The oil industry can make or break the Paris Climate Agreement. The goal of the symposium is to discuss how shareholders can support oil and gas companies to contribute to the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 to 2°C. We will discuss […]

“Scope Three” Emissions Are the Elephant in the Room, Says Founder of Follow This

22 oktober 2019|

Mark van Baal, founder of activist investor group Follow This, has spent much of the last few years trying to shepherd European oil majors towards greener investments. Key to this, he says, is persuading integrated energy giants to take responsibility for emissions produced by customers using their fuels, or what […]

Activist investor and ‘skeptical environmentalist’ face off on climate change

11 oktober 2019|

As people around the world gathered for the largest climate protest in history last month, the audience at an event in Stavanger was told there can’t be a “rational conversation on global warming before we’ve stopped screaming”.

Bjorn Lomborg, president of the Copenhagen Consensus Centre and author of The Skeptical Environmentalist, […]

Oliegigant BP overstag door Follow This klimaatresolutie

13 september 2019|

BNR | 13 september 2019

“We hebben bij Shell en BP laten zien hoe effectief klimaatresoluties zijn,” zegt Mark van Baal op BNR.

Oliegigant BP belooft de uitstoot van zogenoemde ‘Scope 3′-emissies omlaag te brengen. Die komen vrij bij het verbranden van fossiele brandstoffen. BP adviseerde in mei van dit jaar […]

Want to save the planet? Buy shares in Shell and tell them what to do

23 augustus 2019|

This is Money | 14 augustus 2019

Why some investors buy shares in companies like Shell – so they can tell them how to behave

From flying less, to cutting down on plastic, many of us are trying to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

And, when it comes to green investment, most people […]