Our mission

Compel oil and gas companies to stop climate change by putting their brains and billions behind renewable energy.


We are in a climate crisis. Big oil companies can make or break the Paris Climate Agreement. That’s why Follow This compels oil majors to commit to the Paris agreement.


Oil companies only listen to their shareholders. Follow This unites small and big shareholders in oil to become a powerful voice that demands change.

You can help

Buy a green share and become a co-owner of an oil company. Together we file green resolutions and get a vote in the future of the oil industry.

Latest news

BP to cut production by 40% by 2030

BP to cut production by 40% by 2030

PRESS RELEASE BP is first oil major to truly change course BP’s oil and gas production will decline by 40% by 2030 [compared to 2019], the company announced today. Follow This applauds this new...

Investors urge Total to set Paris-aligned targets

Investors urge Total to set Paris-aligned targets

PRESS RELEASE AGM season closes with a third shareholders’ rebellion over non-committal “climate ambitions”, following Shell and Equinor Total has failed to deter shareholders from seeking concrete...

Join 5.000+ other shareholders

Take a share in a cleaner future. Thousands of shareholders support Follow This to push big oil industry to go green. Become a shareholder too, and help to convince big oil companies to become sustainable.



Become a green shareholder

Join our movement and become a green shareholder in the oil industry. Thousands of shareholders already support Follow This to pressure the oil industry. Their support allows us to put climate resolutions on the agenda of oil majors AGM’s. Gain a green vote in big oil and become a shareholder today.

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Working with investors

Engagement with progressive investors is key to how Follow This works. In this partnership, Follow This always acts as a confidential partner and honest broker of information.

By uniting with key investors to vote for climate resolutions, we support oil majors to put sustainability at the core of their strategy. 

How does it work?

If you buy a green share via Follow This, you become a member of the Follow This association. The share is yours and can be reclaimed at any time by contacting Follow This.

As a shareholder, you are co-owner of a company and gain a vote. Your green share is held in the investment account of Follow This and we will vote at the AGM for the climate resolution on your behalf.

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