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With your donation you support the mission of Follow This: urge Big Oil to go green. Your help allows us to put climate resolutions on the agenda of oil major AGM’s. 


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Funding goals

In order to transition from a movement of volunteers that focused on one company to an NGO that addresses the entire oil and gas industry, we seek to fund a core team of four FTEs to support the founder Mark van Baal:

1. Management

One full-time manager works closely with the founder to ensure organized and disciplined planning and execution of the strategy by the team members (paid and volunteer) and acts as personal assistant to the founder. He or she manages research, communications, projects, and volunteers by communicating strategy, plans, expectations, and deadlines; monitors and reviews job contributions; recruits, selects, and brings new volunteers up to speed; and assigns tasks. Manages in close cooperation with the founder and a resolutions manager (a volunteer with experience in filing resolutions) the filing of shareholders resolutions.

2. Research

One research professional does scientific as well as journalistic research: fact-based analyses of whether the ambitions and targets of oil companies fit the Paris Climate Agreement, and desk research (in public sources) to provide media with new angles. Focus will be on making the votes of institutional investors and the advice of voting agencies on climate resolutions transparent. Research will also provide and update developments for opinion articles in the media and for lectures by the founder and team.

3. Communications

One communications professional gathers and structures consistent content (text, photo, video) to inform and educate (i) green shareholders, (ii) institutional investors, (iii) traditional media; (iv) creates regular posts on social media; (v) manages and updates website, and suggests, plans, and organizes various symposia and other events.

4. Projects

One FTE is reserved for special projects during the year, for example, website upgrade to a website that offers more green shares with languages besides Dutch and English, website management, and events.

Additionally we seek to fund travel expenses, office space, events, and symposia. The expected cost for the 4 FTE and expenses are:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

What will my donation be used for?

All donations will be used to directly support the mission of Follow This. Follow This is a small team made up predominantly of volunteers, so the financial support will be used for essential costs (e.g. maintaining the website, communication and financial platforms, wages, travel costs to AGM’s). Every year our expenditures are explained and approved at our annual members meeting, to which all members of Follow This association are invited (if Follow This buys a share on your behalf, you will automatically become a member). 

What does it mean to be a Follow This member?

Through making a donation, you automatically become a Follow This member. As a Follow This member, you are subscribed to the newsletter and invited to our yearly membership meeting. 

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