Think Different and Just Do It!

Samen met A’DAM&Co. organiseren we voor de tweede keer een symposium met borrel in de A’DAM Toren, het voormalige Shell kantoor:

Zondag 11 maart, 16:00 uur: “Think Different and Just Do It!”
Locatie: A’DAM Toren (Overhoeksplein 1,1031 KS Amsterdam, inloop vanaf 15:30)

Om de wereld te veranderen hebben we niet alleen ideeën nodig, […]

Shareholder Resolution 2018

Resolution at 2018 AGM of Royal Dutch Shell plc (“Shell”)


Coordinated by Follow This

Shareholder Resolution

Shareholders support Shell to take leadership in the energy transition to a net-zero-emission energy system. Therefore, shareholders request Shell to set and publish targets that are aligned with the goal […]

Nieuwe Follow This resolutie testcase voor Shells nieuwe koers

  • Lees hier de nieuwe groene Shell-resolutie van Follow This
  • We verwachten steun van zowel Shell als zijn aandeelhouders, om de volgende redenen:
    1. Shell veranderde van koers als reactie op de steun van aandeelhouders voor de vorige resolutie
    2. Follow This heeft alle praktische bezwaren tegen de vorige resolutie opgelost […]

Mark van Baal op Lowlands

Follow This bij RTLZ

Investors see strong second quarter for Shell, but no future perspective

Shell has made a profit of $ 3.6 billion dollars in the second quarter, the company announced today. “Investors now know what Shell’s second quarter looked like, but they still have no idea what Shell’s future will look like,” says Mark van Baal of Follow This.

Energy transition

Investments […]

Shell keert toch weer terug in Noordpoolgebied

Shell is toch weer betrokken bij het zoeken naar olie in het Noordpoolgebied.

Een groep kritische aandeelhouders onder de naam Follow This, die al enkele jaren probeert Shell meer te laten investeren in duurzame energie, is […]

‘Big oil’ dismisses predictions of collapse in demand

JULY 10, 2017 by: Andrew Ward, Financial Times

Mark van Baal of Follow This, a group of activist “green” shareholders in Shell, said Mr van Beurden was being too complacent. “The world needs to get to zero emissions by 2050 . In our opinion, that […]

“Biofuels, energy storage, and hydrogen fit with Shell’s core competences,” Shell managers say in UU-study.

Shell could use its core competences to play a leading role in the energy transition, concludes a study including 11 (former) Shell managers and 11 energy experts, and academic literature.

The development and exploitation of biofuel technology, energy storage and renewable hydrogen are […]

Shell will make plan for the energy transition

June 29th 2017 – Shell announced today that the oil- and gas company will make a plan for the energy transition towards a net-zero emission energy system.

“I agree that companies should be clear about how they plan to be resilient in the energy transition ,” says Shell-CEO Ben van Beurden in a […]