Get a green vote in the oil industry

With your monthly contribution, we will make sure that Shell, BP, Equinor, ExxonMobil, and Chevron participate in the Paris Climate Agreement.

The oil industry can make or break the Paris Climate Agreement, and these companies listen only to their shareholders.

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What will we do with your donation?

We buy shares in these oil companies and finance the international expansion of Follow This.

We use your first monthly contribution to buy shares in these oil companies. By doing this, you become directly a green shareholder in the oil industry, helping us to place our climate resolution on the agendas of the shareholders’ meetings of these companies.

With the rest of your contributions, we finance the organization that allows your green vote in the oil industry to really count, along with those of nearly 5,000 other green shareholders and institutional investors such as pension funds.

The Follow This climate resolution briefly stated is: ‘Shareholders support the company to set targets for all its emissions that are aligned with the Paris Climate Accord.’ This resolution was on the agendas of the shareholders’ meetings of Shell, BP, and Equinor in 2019.

In the Netherlands we have meanwhile won the backing of nine of the ten largest investors, forcing Shell to slowly change course. This is what we want to accomplish with other oil companies as well. BP and Equinor are now feeling the pressure too.