Symposium – How investors can support oil majors to stop climate change

30 oktober 2019|

The oil industry can make or break the Paris Climate Agreement. The goal of the symposium is to discuss how shareholders can support oil and gas companies to contribute to the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 to 2°C. We will discuss […]

BP chairman anticipates change in oil company’s stance on responsibility for product emissions

6 juli 2019|

INVESTOR UPDATE on the crucial question for BP: ‘Scope 3 or not Scope 3?’

May 21st, 2019: Scope 3 are “emissions that BP does not control
June 27th, 2019: thinking about Scope 3 is “likely to evolve

BP’s chairman Helge Lund anticipates reacting to investors’ support for the Follow This climate resolution. Asked […]

BP and Equinor under more pressure than Shell to set targets for all emissions, thanks to investors who supported the Follow This climate resolutions

25 juni 2019|


We thank all the investors who supported the Follow This climate resolutions at BP and Equinor, in particular the majority of the biggest Dutch investors (table above).

All emissions

Thanks to these investors, the boards of BP and Equinor received a strong signal to assume responsibility for all their emissions, including […]

Speech at Equinor’s AGM in Stavanger

28 mei 2019|

The elephant in the room of every oil major.

Speech at Equinor’s AGM in Stavanger about the elephant in the room of every oil major: the emissions caused by the burning of your fossil fuels, 80-90% of its emissions. There’s one key question today: Scope 3 […]

Scope 3 or Not Scope 3?

7 mei 2019|

Investors Face Crucial Question at Oil Majors’ AGMs:

Scope 3 or Not Scope 3?

A year ago, sixty of the world’slargest investors urged the oil and gas industryto “take responsibility for all of its emissions”in an open letterin the Financial Times, just a few days before Shell’s 2018 AGM.A year later, […]

Think Different and Just Do It!

9 maart 2019|

Follow This symposium, 24 maart 2019 16:00, Westergastheater, Amsterdam

UPDATE – Met trots presenteren we twee klimaatspijbelaars op ons symposium: Julia Uildriks (Lek en Linge, Culemborg) en Roemer Schrijvers (Cygnus Gymnasium, Amsterdam).

Er zijn nog een beperkt aantal plaatsen. Geef je nu op voor deze gratis middag bij Rozemarijn de Kwaasteniet ([email protected]).


Think […]

Follow This dient vijfde klimaatresolutie in bij Equinor

21 december 2018|

Bij vijf olie- en gasbedrijven staan nu dezelfde klimaatresoluties op de agenda in 2019

Follow This heeft een vijfde klimaatresolutie ingediend bij het Noorse Equinor (voorheen Statoil). De resolutie is exact hetzelfde als de resoluties bij BP en Shell en vergelijkbaar met resoluties voor ExxonMobil en Chevron, die Follow This mede-indiende. […]

Keynote Mark van Baal in Pakhuis de Zwijger

24 september 2018|

Mark van Baal zet de visie van Follow This uiteen in Pakhuis de Zwijger en bespreekt het belang van de nieuwe resolutie.

Shell CEO and Follow This debate Shell’s climate ambitions

29 mei 2018|

Shell CEO Ben van Beurden and Mark van Baal debate Shell’s climate ambitions at the AGM: “We have ambitions that are completely consistent and compatible with the Paris agreement,” Ben van Beurden said. Not true, Follow This responded.
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